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WHO WE ARE: Mission Accomplished is a nonprofit organization with its federal 501(c)(3) status which currently serves the Greater Austin area.  The organization’s primary goal is to provide resources and assistance to individuals and families that need a helping hand to reach the next level.  The overall goal is to teach them to maintain that level and soar beyond.  The organization’s future goal is to provide temporary housing, meals, and care packages to homeless men, women and children as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships into independent, self-sufficient and healthy lifestyles.

With the current statistics of homeless individual in Austin, Texas, there is a need for more assistance.  Mission Accomplished realizes that you do not have to be homeless to need help.  Whether the need is personal, nutritional, educational, to gain employment, enhance life or business skills, or even start a business or organization we can help point you in the right direction.  As a resource center, Mission Accomplished collaborates with the public, other organizations and private agencies throughout the United States to assist and deliver services needed.

The CEO and founder, Ebonie Trice, wants to fill the gap to assist and save as many individuals and families as she can.  Her ultimate goal is to get people off the streets, and keep others from heading in that direction simply by offering the help they need.

Mission Accomplished is looking to partner with other organizations who not only believe in our mission, but who are looking to expand globally as well.


OUR MISSION: To provide individuals and families with the resources to live a more prosperous, stable, and healthy lifestyle.

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