Mission Accomplished is a nonprofit organization with its federal 501(c)(3) status which currently serves the Greater Austin area. The organization’s primary goal is to provide resources and assistance to individuals and families that need a helping hand to reach the next level. The overall goal is to teach them to maintain that level and soar beyond. The organization’s future goal is to provide temporary housing, meals, and care packages to homeless men, women and children as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships into independent, self-sufficient and healthy lifestyles.

With the current statistics of homeless individual in Austin, Texas, there is a need for more assistance. Mission Accomplished realizes that you do not have to be homeless to need help. Whether the need is personal, nutritional, educational, to gain employment, enhance life or business skills, or even start a business or organization we can help point you in the right direction. As a resource center, Mission Accomplished collaborates with the public, other organizations and private agencies throughout the United States to assist and deliver services needed.

Our Story
Our Story

Ebonie Trice, Founder & CEO

Ebonie wants to fill the gap to assist and save as many individuals and families as she can. Her ultimate goal is to get people off the streets, and keep others from heading in that direction simply by offering the help they need.

Great people with a heart to build strong relationships and let resources follow. I pray that God opens these kinds of opportunities for them.

Kwaselizabroham Agbottah

Ebonie has always been so helpful to me, she tried to help me find work and resource for many things that I needed. She is always more than willing to help with anything!!! I can tell she always genuinely cared about my situation.

Mary Kay Blackstock

Great organization with a true passion to make a difference. They are very action-oriented and realize the role they can play in making a real difference in the lives of others.



To provide individuals and families with the resources to live a more prosperous, stable and healthy lifestyle.


Homeless Shelter

Presently, Mission Accomplished is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is based out of the home of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder , Ebonie Trice, who is CPR certified. She has opened her home to help women and children in need on multiple occasions. She helps single mothers with their children by allowing them to occupy a room in her home. The women and their children have experienced mental and/or financial hardships. Ebonie provides the families with a place to sleep, warmth from the cold, and a safe and positive environment to help them regain their independence.

Resource Center

The current resource provided to individuals and families is an Austin, Texas Starter Kit that was created by Ebonie as a resource guide. The starter kit includes valuable information about available government assistance, schools in Travis and Williamson county, apartment finders, how to get financially established, computer classes available, fun activities for families in Austin, a now hiring job listing, and more.

The starter kit is a twenty-page booklet that includes information about the Department of Public Safety, 211 (information on health and human services), Child Care Management Services, Capitol Metro, Austin Public Libraries, credit unions, banks, public and charter schools, and more. It gives a description about each business, facility, and/or organization along with contact information, websites, and locations. The Austin, Texas Starter Kit will be given to all residents at the homeless shelter even after expansion.



There’s a lot to do and we need your help. There’s no experience required. Only you can help make a difference.