You never know what a person is going through…

How often have you checked on a loved one via audio call, video chat, social media post or DM, text message, email, or snail mail? We have learned that each form of communication receives a different response. Our team members have been communicating with individuals and noticed that each person is going through something.

CONTACT #1 via direct message with an individual in another state. (Short version)

Mission Accomplished Team Member (MA TM): Hi, how’s everything going? How are you and your family doing?
Person #1 (P1): Hey, it’s all bad, very bad
MA TM: I’m so sorry to hear that
P1: I can call you to tell you about it.
(P1 contacts MA TM via phone call)
P1: Hey, thanks for checking on me.
MA TM: No problem, we wanted to see how everything was going.
P1: It’s really bad, my parents have become really sick. My mom had her leg amputated and is in the hospital. My parents lost their job and home and now they are living in separate shelters.
MA TM: I am so sorry to hear about everything you all have been dealing with.
P1: Thank you for checking on us. Please pray for us and tell the team that we said hi.
MA TM: We will definitely keep you all in our prayers.

You just never know what a person is going through. Technology is useful but we must learn how to use it in a more effective way. If P1 wasn’t in the mood to talk then the communication would have been through direct message and P1 may not have shared so much information. Keep in contact with people beyond send a message or checking their Facebook status.

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